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Every once in awhile I get so excited about something I feel the need to share it in a way that gives it a little more presence than just a tweet. Here are those times...

Inspired Today by Sherman Brothers' Artistic Process


Today while listening to the Mary Poppins soundtrack (one of my all time favourite movies), I came across a little gem on the last track. It’s a recording of the Sherman Brothers reminiscing about their time creating the score for Mary Poppins.

I LOVE hearing behind the scenes stories of how a masterpiece came to be. It’s funny how the strangest or most mundane things can largely influence a piece of work, whether that be a painting, a musical or a graphic design piece. As a designer I can relate to some of the Sherman Brothers’ artistic process but definitely took inspiration from it as well.

I wish it was longer than 16 minutes! Even their speaking voices sound melodic. I could listen to these two banter so passionately about their craft all day. They should have done audiobooks :)

If you don't have a streaming service subscription you can listen to it here on youtube.

xo Shan

P.S. If you are a Mary Poppins fan and you haven’t seen the movie Saving Mr. Banks you must drop what you are doing and go watch it!

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Shannon Thomas